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Heating Troubleshooting and Repair in Pittsburgh, Pa

ART Industries Inc will keep you warm in Pittsburgh, PA. Our technicians are professional, prompt with service that’s cost-effective! ART Industries Inc has been around for decades to provide people like us who live here a way of keeping their homes comfortable year-round without compromising on quality or reliability due to high energy costs. We believe no one should be left out when it comes time for this kind of protection so give us a call today about scheduling an appointment for all heating repairs! We are prepared to take care of all your heating needs! From fixing leaks and swapping out parts, we offer a full range of services that will keep you warm this winter.

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We are your home heating and air conditioning parts experts. We offer fast repairs and quick solutions when you need them most, as well as maintenance plans that keep us on top of all the latest updates so nothing happens after the fact!
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Furnace Repair Pricing

The average cost for a furnace repair is about $500. This price includes parts and labor, so it’s important to know how much you can expect before getting started on the project! Of course, there are many factors that may change the cost of your furnace repair but check our chart below to give you a general idea of what your cost may be.

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Indications for your heating repair

You may have heard some unusual noises coming from your furnace. You should act fast if you notice any of these signs:

The blower motor doesn’t turn on.

You see or hear sparks of blue flames around any of your furnace parts

System is running but not heating or the temps in your home are not keeping within a comfortable range.

Water leaking around your heating system.

Water leaking around your heating system.

Here are a few troubleshooting items you can
do if your heat is not working:

We are your home heating and air conditioning parts experts. We offer fast repairs and

quick solutions when you need them most.

Check Breaker

Check the breaker in your electrical panel and make sure it is in the on position. It should be labeled ” Furnace”. If the breaker does not stay on, do not force and call a certified electrician immediately.

Check Batteries

Check batteries in the thermostat. A lot of times a simple battery change out is all the fix you need and can save you money on a service call.

Check Furnace Filter

Check the furnace filter. The filter is usually located between the furnace cabinet and the return air duct. A clogged filter can suffocate your HVAC system causing it to overheat similar to holding your hand over your mouth and trying to breathe.

If none of these items above are working, then it is time to call Pittsburgh’s best HVAC technicians. Whether it is your gas, oil, or electric furnace, boiler, heat pump, thermostat, zone control system, or even your home air cleaner and humidity controls. ART Industries Inc is here to get you through this issue.

Furnace Installation Pricing

Customers pay around these amounts depending on many factors. Smaller, simpler jobs may

cost less than the lowest number on this chart.

Fast, Secure and

Simple Job


Average Job Cost


Complicated Job


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