Furnace Installation

Furnace System Installation In Pittsburgh And Surrounding Areas

Choices for Heater Installations in
Pittsburgh PA

Furnace System Installation in Pittsburgh and surrounding Areas

Natural Gas Forced Air

The gas furnace is the most popular option for home heating in the US. Not only does it have excellent reliability, but with its energy efficiency and low cost over time you'll never need to worry about your system failing when winter comes around again!

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is a way to heat your home when gas is not available and when the weather gets colder. They're clean and quiet. Electric furnaces have many benefits over traditional oil or wood-burning ones: they don't produce carbon dioxide which causes global warming

Oil Furnace

Oil-burning furnaces are a great way to heat your home when natural gas is not available! The oil is burned in the furnace which produces heat, making it a good energy source.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a great way to stay cool in the summer and warm during winter and are getting more and more popular in the Pittsburgh area. They work by transferring heat from one location like your home's indoors or basement

We have the perfect solution

We have the perfect solution for you if your home is experiencing chilly temperatures. We can install a new heater that will keep it warm and cozy all year round! Our technicians know exactly which type of system fits best with our energy supply, so they’ll install them efficiently into any space needed – without wasting time on installation labor or having an improper setup due to lackadaisical workmanship

We have a quick installation chart to guide you in the right direction for a fast reference. Customers pay around these amounts depending on many factors. Smaller, simpler jobs may cost less than the lowest number on this chart while more complicated ones will likely be priced higher and can range anywhere from $2000.00 – $5500.00!

What Factors Can Affect a Furnace and Heating
Installation Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of a furnace installation. Most contractors base their costs on size and type, as well as if there will be ductwork or not in addition to it all being up-to-date with current regulations for energy efficiency standards set by code.
2) “Efficiency is Important and measured by AFUE ( Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)”
3) Furnace efficiency is measured by AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), which shows how efficiently a furnace turns fuel into heat. The higher the percentage, the better for your wallet!
4) Brands and quality of equipment is a factor. Some low-priced models are available in the marketplace and are a good choice for certain situations, but some don’t provide optimal performance like those which come from high-end brands with Energy star® qualified equipment, tailored towards improving air quality while cutting down energy consumption rates by 20%.
5) Using poor-quality parts may lead to inefficient functioning but also may cause damage over time that could require expensive repairs or even replacement!
As a rule, we recommend avoiding anything made by companies like Buderus because their products have been known for delivering less than stellar results when it comes down to fan performance and durability, in particular among other things which makes them pretty much irrelevant nowadays where energy efficiency takes prime spot on our list. A few other considerations include gas hookup location: natural vs propane; number & types of heaters needed based upon floor plan requirements.

Furnace Installation Pricing

Customers pay around these amounts depending on many factors. Smaller, simpler jobs may

cost less than the lowest number on this chart.

Fast, Secure and

Simple Job


Average Job Cost


Complicated Job


What Factors Can Affect Installation Cost?

Existing Ductwork Condition

Removal and replacement of Existing Drywall

Equipment Quality

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